Coyote Friend of Mine, by George Davis

2014-09-30 at 18-18-59

Coyote friend of mine, if only I could trade my nose for snout, my mouth for jaws, my skin for fur, my feet for paws, then we could run together, coyote friend of mine.

I had the opportunity to watch two coyotes on a gravel beach at the break of dawn here in Maine, one just sat in the morning sun soaking in the sun. Watched them both for about a half hour. I was in a boat so I don’t think they knew I was there. Wow, they stole my heart thus the poem.

Too much hatred and misunderstanding in these parts, makes me cry for them, no really. Saw a sign on a pickup truck that said Gods Guide Service: deer, coyote and bobcat hunts. Are you f……ing kidding me or what! I will have those signs one day, just has to be done.

Your film is great and I have sent your email address to a few friends of mine. A few of us got together last fall to cut down nine dead coyotes from a tree in front of this yo yo’s house. I mean they were right next to the road, why, why, why? Maybe he got the message because we haven’t seen them there again. One for us!

Anyhow, thank you for all of your good work in helping these wonderful animals, these friends of mine. Rage against the hatred!……..George Davis

[reposted from a comment on our site]

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