Help ‘Empty Cages LA’ fight against further coyote killings at Seal Beach

2014-10-13 at 08-27-24

Please let’s help “Empty Cages LA” fight against killing any more coyotes in Seal Beach!! Anyone who can, please attend the Seal Beach City Council Meeting TODAY, October 13, COLUMBUS DAY, at 6:30pm.
Location: City Hall, 211 8th Street, Seal Beach, CA

If given the opportunity to speak, here are some talking points for those who can attend:

  • killing coyotes is short-sighted as attested to by studies showing that if you kill coyotes, they will more than make up for it in population growth
  • vacancies left by killed coyotes are quickly filled by interlopers and transient coyotes who quickly set up house
  • more new coyotes without the wiser older local coyotes around to teach them, means the newcomers and youngsters will have to learn the ropes of coexistence the hard way: through negative encounters with humans and dogs.
  • older local coyotes help stabilize the population (only the older alphas breed in any territory)
  • simple guidelines for coexistence work in urban areas such as San Francisco and Vancouver: keep small pets from roaming free, leash dogs in a coyote area, don’t leave food out, never feed a coyote, know how to shoo off a coyote
  • it’s an environmental issue: The driving ethos these days is “environmentally friendly” and “sustainability”. This means not destroying what nature has given us — it means developing guidelines which inflict minimal or no harm on the environment: coyotes are part of our natural environment. The idea of sustainability resulted from concerns about how humans and our needs” were altering healthy and balanced ecosystems, which was coming back to haunt all of us.
  • many more pets are killed by cars than ever have been killed by coyotes — maybe we should eliminate cars first?

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