Kudos to Kathy! She’s Fighting to Stop the Coyote Killing Contest in Galax, Virginia

coyotewomanrgb_0Kathy Dowell is running the campaign to stop a coyote killing contest in her county of Grayson, Virginia. She is doing so single handedly with aid from Coyotecoexistence.com of which she is a team member.

Kathy has passion and dedication, and she is the one doing the footwork in this campaign — it is her campaign. Besides distributing flyers and posters, putting up a petition and gathering signatures, she has written letters and, most recently, she has gotten her information out through the newspaper. She plans to attend the next meeting of the Board of Supervisors and she is looking for like-minded individuals in Galax to help her with her campaign.

Kudos to Kathy, and thank you!! You are a wonderful role model for us all! We’re proud to have you on the Coyotecoexistence.com team and we’ll keep fighting in this effort until we get it stopped and we’re hoping others will chime in!


press on this image above to read the entire article; press below to help by signing the petition

2014-10-24 at 21-14-33

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