Please Help Ban Wildlife Killing Contests Forever in California

2014-11-02 (1)

Please sign the petition by the Endangered Species Coalition to put an end to Wildlife Killing Contests in California for good. The California Fish and Wildlife Commission will be making a decision on this issue on December 3rd of this year.


Please also weigh in by WRITING the  California Fish and Wildlife Department Director and the Commissioners, letting them know that you support the ban. Here is their contact information and a sample of what to write which you should put into your own words:

 California Dept. of Fish & Wildlife Director, Charlton H. Bonham,

California Fish and Game Commissioners Mr. Michael Sutton, Mr. Jack Baylis, Mr. Jim Kellogg, Mr. Richard B. Rogers, and Mrs. Jacque Hostler-Carmesin,

I am writing you to please put a halt to the coyote killing contests in California, be they killing derbies, competitions, tournaments or roundups. This is a violent and sickening practice which has to be stopped not only in California, but throughout North America.

Wholesale slaughter for fun, entertainment, and money, is barbaric and it besmirches us as a society. It is shameful and offensive that the state is permitting a small group of killers to indulge themselves this way. The vast majority of folks are shocked that it is going on, and incredulous that it is even legal and being allowed. The wildlife in the state belongs to all of us — we must be their stewards and protectors, not their brutal killers. Please STOP THE CONTESTS NOW and put an end to it for all time!

Science has shown that mass killing of coyotes accomplishes absolutely nothing as a “management” tool: when there is wholesale slaughter of this type, coyotes quickly rebound and even increase — so the bloodbath serves no “management” purpose whatsoever. In addition, all animals have a function in our ecosystem, and coyotes are no exception: they keep rodents and mesopredators in check, helping to maintain a healthy and natural balance in the environment — nature always balances itself and we should allow it to do so. Beyond their ecology and reproductive biology, coyotes are one of the few species — 3-5% of all species — who mate for life and have intense family lives. The State should be helping folks get to know about them and appreciate them rather than kill them.

Please put an end to the coyote killing contests — ban them now and forevermore!

Thank you!


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    Hopefully more people will see this and sign! I did!


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