A Fit of Fun With the Rain

It was finally pouring rain — rain that has been desperately needed in California. I water-proofed my camera and water-proofed myself and set out for a wet walk, hopefully to find some wet critters. I love being engulfed by downpours and I guess the same is true for coyotes. In fact, coyotes hunt during strong rainstorms because it is at that time that gophers and voles are more likely to emerge from their tunnels to avoid drowning.

During the downpour, I saw some everyday coyote activities: toying with prey, eating, a show of dominance, and then, just standing there in the rain with eyes closed.

And then, a coyote had a fit of fun with the rain! He began by looking up at the rain — maybe defiantly? — and then dashed this way and that, as if he were trying to outsmart the rain and get away from it! The little bout of activity was short, but it was a definite “interaction” with the rain and lots of fun to watch!

a back and forth fit of interacting with the rain

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