Coyote and Hose

“Aha!! I know what THIS is because I’ve seen several before. You have to ‘get it’ before it ‘gets you’.” And that’s how coyotes deal with snakes. Only this time it really wasn’t a snake, it was the hose of a sprinkling system.

Yikes! When the hose began fighting back with a vicious spurt of spray — you can see this at the very end of the video — the coyote darted quickly away. As for the hose, it sustained some puncture wounds that profusely bled clear water until someone turned the spigot off.

And here’s another coyote in a case which involved less “sparring” with his adversary. This coyote has probably had practice: he approached the hose and in the blink-of-an-eye the hose was split asunder.

Also see, “Mischief or Just a Diversion?”

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