Tracker, by Courtney Quirin

My friend, Courtney Quirin, Biologist, Journalist, Documentarian, Artist, All-American Runner, in addition to being a high-energy, intrepid adventurer, is putting together an exciting documentary on animal tracking: “Tracker”! She’s actually attending the year long tracking course at the Tracker Academy in South Africa, so she has immersed herself in the subject and the process. The subject is dear to my heart as I’ve always been against tagging and radio-collaring of wildlife, intrusive gadgets these trackers never use. It turns out that 90% of traditional tracking skills have been lost over the last 40 years in South Africa. The tracking academy aims to bring these back to use in modern conservation. Watch the exciting trailer above to get more of a feel for the exciting endeavor! A second sizzle can be found here.

The film follows eight students over a year as they cultivate the tracker mindset and learn to read the language of nature. Along the way they learn that tracking is far more than identifying tracks; it is a compass for life.

  • Website:
  • Instagram site: @tracker_the_film
  • Indiegogo link:
  • Donations: can be made through January 4th, through Indiegogo or their fiscal sponsor, The Center for Independent Documentary, and are tax deductible. The funds will be used to cover costs of filming for the rest of the school year AND will help preserve an ancient African practice and incorporate it into modern conservation. Ten percent of net proceeds of this documentary will go towards funding a scholarship for students to attend Tracker Academy.

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