Wallowing, Wiggling & Warping: Photo Sequence

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I videoed the very end of this wiggle-and-scratch session:

I’ve been observing and documenting coyotes and their behavior for over 11 years now. Watching and hearing them is always thrilling, no matter that I see them almost every single day. I try to post photos and information that people can appreciate, enjoy and relate to so that they will be more willing to embrace these very maligned, but truly interesting and very family minded small canids. In this series here, you have a male coyote who is attempting to relieve his bug itches. It made me smile, and hopefully it will make you do the same.

Heavy Rains in San Francisco Produce More Mosquitos

This long howling session involving coyotes communicating after a siren sounds, has been clipped throughout so as to show the coyote dealing with pesky mosquitoes by snapping at them, scratching, shaking them off, and even yawning (I deal with some things this way, too!) The deeper barking coming from the bushes is the male. He doesn’t emerge into view until the howling and the video are over. A third, distant coyote, unrelated to these two, enters the conversation once towards the end — it can be heard at about 1:16.