Please Help Stop this Barbaric and Reckless Slaughter

Five states have finally eliminated these primitive, inhumane contests. We need to stop them in the rest of the country. Please continue to add your signatures to these petitions.

Press the image to sign the petition

After signing the petition I encourage you to reach out to the mayor of Hancock, NY to ask her to cancel the kill contest. Here is her contact info. If we are civil and respectful, and strong in number, we have a better chance.

Mayor Carolann McGrath
Phone: 607.637.8172

My email to her can be seen here.

Send a message to New York’s Governor, Andrew Cuomo by pressing here.

More information: Coyote Carnage: The Gruesome Truth About Wildlife Killing Contests, by Ted Williams, Yale School of Forestry, May 22, 2018.