Multilingual Outreach Has Been On Our Agenda Since Our Inception

My field-research and advocacy site, CoyoteYipps, and the educational outreach organization I co-founded,, to date, are and have been the only organizations in San Francisco to provide multi-lingual information and guidelines about coyotes to our diverse communities — this outreach has been part of our agenda since our inception. We’ve worked hard to reach those who are not comfortable speaking English, providing information in videos, posters and flyers to those who find it easier to speak Chinese and Spanish. Our goal has always been to reach everyone, and we are proud to be the leaders in this direction.







These signs above were created and put up on bulletin boards in some of the parks at the request of various San Francisco communities years ago — no other outfit concerned with coyotes, including the city, offers any information in any language other than English here in San Francisco. Now, these signs may be accessed and downloaded from the “Downloadable Flyer” sections in the sidebars of this website and of the website.

2015-10-13 at 21-50-16Our videos, too, are and have been available in English, Spanish and Chinese for over a year. They may be accessed through the links at the top of this website, and at the top of the website.

In addition to our downloadable multi-lingual flyers (accessible from the sidebars of this site and of the site), at we have folks on hand who speak a variety of languages, and if your language is not spoken among us, we will find someone to help us understand and solve your issues and get the information you need across to you.

FIRST: A Guidelines/Safety Box:

1) A VIDEO ON COYOTE BEHAVIORS, GUIDELINES & DOGS: a one-stop video, by me, on urban coyote behavior and how to coexist with them, how to handle encounters, and why culling doesn’t solve issues:

Original Coyote Coexistence Presentation, Condensed version: How to Shoo Off a Coyote

Charla en Español     好鄰居–郊狼”    English: How to Shoo Off a Coyote

*A protocol clarification for when walking a dog  (not addressed in the video): Your safest option always is flat-out, absolute AVOIDANCE: Whether you see a coyote in the distance, approaching you, or at close range, leash your dog and walk away from it, thus minimizing any potential dog/coyote confrontation or engagement. If you choose to shoo it away, follow the guidelines in the videos, but know that what’s safest is proactive, preventative unmitigated avoidance: i.e., walk away.


citizencoyote-by-janetkesslerPress on image above for another crash course on coyotes


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