Cityrise, by Jack Kessler


The city rises
Safe-haven for coyotes
Attenborough says

At 91 he should know
He saw cities burning

But now they rise again
and go global and digital
and within them are rats

Rats are food, for many,
for natives, for immigrants
for visitors, whether they arrive,
by land or sea or air
for coyotes, salmon, raptors

The dangers out-there
once plagued humans
and cities have plagues

but they also have food
and warmth and shelter
and healthcare
and people who love them,
like you —

So welcome to the city
Stadluft macht frei
the old saying said
and now let us all, together, have trees

You and the coyotes are on the leading-edge — the bleeding-edge, it’s sometimes called… — of the future, in Global Cities, according to David Attenborough, in a BBC series Planet Earth, the section of which he calls The Earth — (2016)

— see the original best via Netflix, with him narrating, Section 6, “E1S6” —-

He is the David Attenborough, now age 91, of “Gandhi” & much other TV and Movies fame… He feels city-expansion has created safe-havens and food-sources attracting wild animals, and that now one of the greatest challenges, for both them and humans, is that both can live together either in harmony or as enemies — for each needs the other, he says…

I’d add only that there is a 3rd factor, needed as well by both the other 2: trees…

[Don’t poison them]

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  1. Cindie
    Jan 27, 2018 @ 02:53:06

    So good. Beautiful. LOVE.


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